Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Officially Old

Okay today I am officially old, 65 and on Medicare!
I can't believe how time flies by so fast. It seems like yesterday I was 15 years old and anxious to be 18.
The good thing is I don't have to pay that 400.00 a month for healthy insurance anymore:)

Beleive me since I retired in 2006 my days are not long enough. I thought retirement would be relaxing and travel and fun but instead I have a shop on Etsy that is successful, an artist network that keeps me hopping, two dogs that have a routine I better be on top of or they let me know about it, Etsy meetings with my friends, Zumba twice a week and a blog that is going to get more attention this year and life in general. I am very blessed and thank God everyday that I have my health and the capability to do all that is required of me each day.
Do I feel old? Not at all. it is just strange to say that I am now 65 years old when I feel like I am still 20.
Happy Birthday to me!


Paxie said...

A very Happy Birthday to you hon!!

No. You are not 65...no way!

You do stay busy, that's for sure and I'm thrilled that you are able to do all that you do :)

Love you!

Junibears said...

Sweetheart, a Happy Belated Birthday to you! And I love your red background of hearts! It's my birthday this month too and I'll tell you a secret....shhhh..........I shall be 77 and I still feel 35 in my head but my poor old body knows different! LOL!
Keep up the good work...and the Zumna! Hugs xx

Bill said...

Well, 65 doesn't sound old anymore. I turned 62 in April and started to get Social Security. My job was cut when I turned 60 two years ago, and I took an early retirement. I had worked as a computer tech for 26 years and could start collecting since I turned 60. I have a couple of weird health issues, and often don't have a lot of energy, but like you, thank God that I'm alive and still kicking! Wishing you many more art-filled years ahead!


Amy Dayton said...

Belated Happy Birthday,hope it was wonderful. I have you beat by 3 years. My mind and heart are still young but the Arthritis has the best part of me,knees and hips !
Big Hugs to a younger soul.......