Monday, May 27, 2013


 I have been having some problems with changing my background on my blog.
I have asked Blogger about it but of course I will NEVER get an answer.

I have deleted many posts to see that helps, but it didn't so I thought I would just start an new blog but then after looking back at all my posts I have changed my mind.
Over 800 posts and almost 90,000 page views, I don't think so.

So even though my background is red with hearts, my readers will have to deal with it. I am not deleting this blog and starting over. I opened my blog in 2008! That is a lot of information!

So I am going to keep the blog even though lately I have been quite lack at posting. My new Network Digital Whisper keeps me busy. That and my Etsy Shop which I noticed in looking back through my posts, you all participated in helping me with a name for it [ ALTERED STATE OF TIN.]

So I will continue to keep this blog and try to make it interesting for you all. Please come back often. I plan to have some free stuff for you and share more of my life.

So stick around and see what I am up to.
Love you all and thanks for making my blog a really neat place to meet people, share ideas and life.

Here are some free Wings for you to use in your artwork 



Ann said...

the wings are lovely...
changing backgrounds..oh,took me forever to do mine a while back..won't do it again!!!
i visit to see your art and read your words..honestly,i don't care about a persons blog background!!'s whats on it that i visit for!!!

SueAnn Lommler said...

The background is just fine. Good to see you and thanks for the wings.

soulbrush said...

I knowwhat you mean- I keep mine as it is just so much easier- though I don't blog much at all lately- are you on facebook? I seem to be doing that more these days. Hugs from me across the pond.