Thursday, September 20, 2012

Halloween is upon us..what are you afraid of?

 This is a little something I put together for the Zombie Fest. Dracula in his coffin.
You can actually look through the window and see him in there.

Halloween is not one of my favorite things. I don't care for the ghosts and goblins or witches. I don't even like the colors of Halloween. There is one thing I am afraid of that is real and that is SPIDERS !

 People say most spiders won't kill you but believe me if I saw one this big it would kill me because I would topple over with a heart attack!
 This is a black widow. The only thing she kills is her husband...well that and her food.

 This is a wolf spider. Ugly!! Scary!! I had one of these in my kitchen window the day I moved into my house in CA. Between the wolf spiders and the tarantulas I carried a can of spider spray around with me always. No, I am not kidding !

I saw one of these spiders last year on a bush outside my bathroom window. After watching it build its web I had an appreciation for its hard but very accurate work. As long as it is on the other side of the window!!

Stay tuned for more Spiders this Halloween season.....


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Healing Woman said...

I agree..spiders don't bother me but a BIG one would! Hard to believe the Halloween art that you created is a tin! You are amazing.