Friday, August 31, 2012


Have you ever been driving down the hyway and see a dog fall out of the back of a truck?
Today my husband was a witness to this and a hero. He was driving back from fishing on hyway 101 and he was a dog 2 cars in front of him fall out of the back of a truck and then get hit by a car. The dog was in the center of the hyway and two cars pulled over including my husband. No one wanted to go out into

the hyway and get the dog so my husband did. He picked up the dog and put him in the front seat of his dually and drove him to the Harbor Lights animal hospital. He called me and told me to meet him there. What? HE said meet me at Harbor Lights. I said what? He said a dog got hit by a car and I need you to meet me at Harbor lights. Okay, I didn't understand but I got in the car and drove to the hospital.

As I walked up to the truck I could see that my husband was standing outside the truck with the door open. As I got closer there he was..the most beautiful, sweet puppy. He was red in color with only a bit of white on his chest, Even his nose is red. The same color as our two dogs Sampson and Petey. He was looking at me so calmly and as I slowly put my head in the truck and started talking softly to this dog, he licked me.

I could see he had several bleeding places on his legs and his face. He didn't cry out when my husband picked him up either. The dog then got up and walked closer to me and I could see he had a very bad twisted leg.

My husband said he talked to the vet and she said that she couldn't do anything unless it was life threatening or we wanted to claim responsibility for the cost. If it was life threatening they would put him down.

The nurse came out and looked at him and said she thought he would be okay and wanted to know if we wanted to call animal control to pick him up of leave the dog and they would call. Well that is when I broke down.

Here is this dog probably not more than a year old. Scared, alone and probably wondering what the heck is going on. He was probably in shock too. I told my husband that I was going to get in the car and drive away because I could not make that call. We have two dogs. They are mellow and very routine and well behaved. They are expensive to keep but I love them.

The nurse took the dog inside and called Animal Control. She told them if the dogs owners did not try to find him or if no one adopts him to call us before they put him down. We will take him and find a home for him. A puppy as sweet as this one does not deserve to die because his stupid owners didn't have him chained in the back of a truck or get him a license or a dog tag or something!

I can't get his sweet face with those big eyes looking at me as if to say, I am scared and my leg hurts out of my mind. I think I am in love and we will make sure he is okay. We will go see if he is in the shelter tomorrow and make sure they know we want him if no one else does. I am pretty sure it might upset things around here for awhile but if I can help save this puppy I will.

If the owner does show up he will be sited for this as he should be.
The vet called about an hour after we left the hospital and said she checked him out and cleaned up his wounds and that they are pretty much superficial but she does have concerns about his right hip. She also said she notified the state and city police an the sheriff just in case the owners call them.
By the way...we named him "Lucky"

Update this evening.........Alan went to see Lucky and he is doing pretty good. He wagged his tail when Alan patted him. The owners did contact the shelter and can't afford gas to come see him let alone pay the shelter fees to get him out. The shelter is setting up a vet to check him out and see if his leg is okay. His real name is YoYo. We will be going to see him again tomorrow  and hopefully meet with the owners. I will finish the story later but for now, YoYo is safe and being cared for and one way or another he will be out of the shelter soon.
I will take pictures to share with you all tomorrow.


SueAnn Lommler said...

I will add to this....don't put your animal in the back of a pick up truck...period! No reason for that abuse. Your animal should be riding next to you or not taken on the trip at all!!!

artistamyjo said...

Being an animal lover this breaks my heart Patti,your hubby is a hero and I do hope you can keep the sweet puppy.