Saturday, July 14, 2012

This has been a really crappy week for me. First (get this) I was working out in my yard and didn't have a pocket so I put my cell phone in my bra. Well that is the wrong thing to do. I was sweating and later in the evening when I went to text someone some of the buttons were not working so I took it to our local AT&T store and they said the battery and a tiny little white block inside the phone were pink which indicates that it had moisture in it. Oh Crap!! the sweat!

They told me to put it in a bowl of rice for about an hour and see if that takes the moisture out but it didn't so I had to file a claim to get a replacement. Three days later i received the replacement but it was the WRONG phone! A cheaper version and not 3G so my husband called and got very upset with the rude young lady on the other end of the phone (terrible customer service)because she wouldn't check to see if they indeed have the correct model in stock. She hung up on him! This was on Friday so of course I had to wait over the weekend and on Monday just to be sure I had my husband call to confirm our request. Nothing was recorded about our request!!!

They did however confirm that they had no stock and they do not make that model any longer. I got out my old blackberry 8630 and that is what I have to use until November when my contract is up and I can get a new phone of my choice. This is so unfair. I am and have been an AT&T customer for years and they can't accommodate me when THEY don't have a replacement phone in stock?!! The phone I am using is so out of date and I can't download photos to my computer or even send photos because it isn't 3G.

Then my computer started acting up. I had to reboot it three times a day so I called my computer guy and he came out and charged me 50.00 for what??? It is still acting up. Then my dear husband decides that we need to change email servers from noble creek to frontier so we can PAY to have a new email address,, to support our favorite president Ronald Reagan. Okay I am all for that BUT..that means changing email addresses in all of my banks, credit card companies, networks, facebook and on and on plus trying to figure out how to move all of my contacts and folders! That is an ugly job but I got it all done in two days. My husband is still working on his and he only has a small portion of what I have to move. I am upset because he wanted to do this and kept bugging me to do it and now that it is done he is taking his sweet time to convert!! Ugh!!

Then we have a Laundry Pure unit that keeps bacteria out of our washing machine and we don't even have to use soap if we don't want to but the probe needed to be changed so we did that and then the washer wouldn't fill with water. At this point my stress level is overflowing. I called the Laundry Pure Rep and she talked me through it.

Then I went to wash the car with our brand new pressure washer that has a bottle of car wash soap that is supposed to work when you turn on the pressure washer to wash your car but it didn't so we had to take it back to Sears and get a replacement. I tried it again today and it worked but let me tell you nothing works as well as a bucket and a sponge. I had to do it that way after all.

Tomorrow we are going to Sears to buy a new lawn mower (self propelled) and a gas powered weed whacker....Oh dear God please let them work. I am tired !! Hope you week was better.


SueAnn Lommler said...

Oh dear...what a week you have had. That really sucks about your phone. I would have kept at them!! You definitely need a new server!!
Good luck

Ann said...

ohh....what a downright stressful,icky week!
that happened with my phone when i needed to replace it when it broke..had the insurance with tmobile..but,my phone was no longer made..had to get one i didn't wANT. I THINK THEY DO THAT SO YOU ARE FORCED TO really UPGRADE SERVICE. and,you att rep. must have changed jobs from tmobile..i know i have spoken to her!!!!!
hope this week is better!