Thursday, July 19, 2012


 We have the nicest neighbor. I call him my produce man because he grows a garden and shares all of his veggies and fruits with us. These beautiful strawberries are from his garden.
 My husband loves to put them on his cereal and I use them on short cake and ice cream and freeze some for winter.
These are berry's too. The red one is my old out dated blackberry, you know, the one I have to use right now because AT&T won't replace the black updated one because they don't make that model any longer so I either have to take a downgrade without 3G or find one on my own.

I found on on EBay and had to pay $149.00 out of my own pocket . I had insurance on my phone to cover damage, loss or stolen phone. Doesn't matter...I paid for NOTHING. The insurance company wants to replace it with a downgrade? My new phone should be delivered in the next few days. Inconvenient? Yes, I can't send photos, I can't save photos to a memory card. I have to wait for days for the new phone to get here. Can you tell I am still very angry about my uncalled for ordeal with AT&T?

I am in a catch 22 situation where we live. In a rural area of Coos Bay where there are no towers except for AT&T so if we want service here we are forced to have AT&T. My son was here from CA a couple of weeks ago and he has T-Mobile. His phone worked fine for phone calls. He didn't 'have 4G but he did have 3G so guess what? When my contract expires next March I will be going with T-Mobile. They have better prices anyway. I will upgrade then to an IPhone through them. Too Bad AT&T...after many years of loyalty to you I am out of here. You don't care so bye bye.


brenda Salzano said...

business's today have lost touch with consumers. Most do not care until it hurts their bottom line. (money) But at least we can still CHOOSE to leave. Find a new business to deal with. Love those strawberries!! Bet they were so sweet!!

soulbrush said...

Hiya sweet friend.
I am still doing my afa cards regularly, and seeling art on etsy too. That card is for trade - not sale- are you still on afa, and do you wanna trade with me? LOL. Hows business on etsy for you these days?

entrance doors said...

Business nowadays don't care about the consumers satisfaction. All they care about are their own gain and its all about money. Tsk. So disappointing.

Anonymous said...

Ohh as the saying goes 'Thats pants' :( its so annoying.
Hope you get some joy with this situation my friend
hugs June x

Paxie said... how you connected the berries :)

I've been with Verizon and so far so good. You are right though...they do not care in the least. Good customer service seems to be in short supply.