Saturday, October 8, 2011


Here are pictures of just a few of the mole hills in my yard before last week. This week the traps are still set with no hills around them or anywhere in my yard at present time.

The actual trap sticking out of the mole hole

Well after the entire summer of fighting the moles in my yard, I think they are gone.
Not sure if they left because it started raining so they went back into the forest to find worms or if my gardener, bless his heart finally caught the little critter.

He was here last week and set another set of traps. No moles were caught in the traps the week before. It was as if they just went around them.

Gutsy things even dug right next to the trap!

This was a long hard fight but looks like they are gone. Can't say who won because like I said, our rainy season has started and they may have just gone back into the forest where they belong !

I will not be watering my yard next summer at all. I would rather have brown grass than mole hills all over.
Also my friend gave me what she calls "Mole Plant" seeds and swears that they keep the moles away so I will be planting them in early spring. Whew !!

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Ann said...

i know you are thrilled!!