Tuesday, August 16, 2011


This tin was made for the Jazz Festival here in Coos Bay . It didn't sell but this week I got a message from a lady that wanted to order 4 of these tins. So I did the custom order for her and made 4 tins exactly the same. (I made them a little extra special since they were for The Sisters of Swing.)
She said she was going to give them to her daughter and a couple other girls that do a show about The Andrew Sisters. Their show is called "The Sisters of Swing"
I remember there being a group at the Jazz Festival and they were the Sisters of Swing.

Anyway after she received the tins she said she would love to have some note cards to go along with these tins to give the girls. She wanted to know if I knew of anyone that could make cards. Well you know me...I used to make cards and I still have cards so YES I told her I would make the note cards too.

I mentioned that it would be great if I had a photo of the Sister of Swing so I could make some of the cards with their picture and some of The Andrew Sisters.

This is the photo she sent to me to put on the note cards.

The following is an article about them posted in the Boston Globe

A return to Stoneham — and sisterhood

Trio form bond in retelling Andrews story

From left: Kimberly Robertson, Laura DeGiacomo, and Kerri Jill Garbis play the Andrews Sisters in “Sisters of Swing’’ at Stoneham Theatre. (Neil Reynolds)

STONEHAM — They’ve been singing and dancing together for years. Backstage they laugh and cry and argue and tease. They’re the Andrews Sisters onstage — and more than a little bit offstage, too.

At the Stoneham Theatre through July 24, Laura DeGiacomo, Kerri Jill Garbis, and Kimberly Robertson don wigs and classic mid-20th-century American garb to play the Andrews Sisters in “Sisters of Swing.’’

“I play LaVerne, and I’m the most important one,’’ Garbis says, and all three crack up. “I’m really bossy — and by I, I mean Kerri Jill Garbis.’’

“Patty is more of the clown, and she’s the baby. She tends to get the big silly moments in the show,’’ says DeGiacomo, who plays her.

“And then there’s Mackie,’’ Robertson says, using the nickname for her character, Maxene. “Mackie just wants to be noticed. So Mackie does what she can to get that.’’

Sitting in a basement rehearsal room a week before the opening, in T-shirts and sweat pants, the actresses form a very modern kind of sisterhood. All three cop to being well suited to their roles. They first appeared in “Sisters of Swing’’ here in 2008 and made it the theater’s best-grossing musical ever, until a recent production of “42nd Street.’’ They remained friends after the run and took occasional outside gigs as the Andrews Sisters at corporate events, fund-raisers, and even a parade or two. Now they’re thrilled to be back together in a remount of the production.

Garbis compares the Andrews Sisters to the Destiny’s Child or Spice Girls of their day.

“And American as apple pie,’’ says Robertson. “They stood for so much.’’

The real-life trio was as big a singing group as America had in the 1930s and ’40s, with hits like “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy’’ and “Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree.’’ They were especially popular during World War II, often performing for the troops overseas. But the actresses say the real-life sisters were also ahead of their time in their independence. The show includes a scene in which they stand up against racism in the military.

“Don’t you think if they were here today they’d be all out for equality and equal rights?’’ asks Garbis. “Absolutely,’’ say the other two.

The production also includes Steve Gagliastro in multiple roles — Carmen Miranda, for instance — and an eight-piece band conducted by musical director Mario Cruz, who plays piano onstage.

The three had never met before their auditions in 2008, but as the show went on, they bonded. Just after the end of the run, a vocal coach connected to DeGiacomo arranged a conference

The rest is history.

It would be such a pleasure to see these girls perform. I am honored that Laura DeGiacomo's mother thought enough my work to ask about a custom order. Wow.....


SueAnn said...

Congrats!! That is super and I love your tin!

artistamyjo said...

Wow ! Congrats Patti,nice story too.

daisy69778 said...

I loved the story Patti and what an honor for you!
Congratulations and thanks for sharing it with us!!!!

Mollye said...

I too loved this story and I'd love to see them in person. You did a great job. I know she was happy and thrilled with them.

Healing Woman said...

Isn't it amazing all the things we can learn from our artwork? I loved the story you presented on the Sisters of Swing and those little boxes will be treasured for sure!

Salzanos said...

yes, Awesome story!! What a nice customer and you always make the most gorgeous things!!