Friday, August 5, 2011

Myrtle Lane Organic Dairy

This Barn is an Organic Dairy. Located west of Myrtle Point, OR on Old Broadbent Road. It is owned by Tom Brown. He has modern barns used for milking his Jersy herd and this older one is now used to store hay. It was rebuilt in the 1960's when it was owned by Duke Davenport who once milked 20 cows there.


SueAnn said...

What a beautiful barn!!!

artistamyjo said...

Such a grand old barn,so many stories to tell from these old barns. people stop at ours and tell us how they used to climb and swing in the hayloft.

Ann said...

i love old barns!!as a "city" girl i don't see many. each one always has it's "own" look..and as Amy said,they each have a story to tell! this is a great photo!