Saturday, May 21, 2011

Brings back memories

This barn brings back so many good memories of my childhood.

After my Father died from a heart attach at age 34, my Mother moved with me and my younger brother in to the upstairs apartment of my Aunt Maxine's house. It was out in the country on a farm where my Uncle grew hundreds of acres of hay and milked dairy cows.

The cows were milked early morning and again in the evening. My cousin Jim would squirt milk on me when he was milking.This was a dairy farm and most cows were milked by machine. There is a process but eventually ended up in a big milk can that was picked up by the local dairy each morning.

I can still hear the sound of the milk machines...swish...swish...swish. There were cats and kittens all over the farm to keep the mice population in control. They were so cute licking up the fresh milk.

My Aunt would make butter and skim off the cream before she poured us a fresh glass of milk.

This barn is real similar to the one on my Aunt and Uncle's farm. The one I grew up with.

After I married and moved away the farm burned to the ground. The two story farm house where we lived in the upstairs apartment, all the sheds and yes the barn. There was nothing left.

Yep, this barn brings back memories of my childhood. Good Memories
Thanks for coming with me down memory lane for a minute or two.

This barn is owned by Carl and Phillis Ross who live on a century farm in the Hauser area.
This barn was built in 1925 after the original one burned.
Carl's Swedish Grandfather bought the farm after becoming a citizen in 1886. The dairy supplied milk to the Bay City Creamery in Lakeside, Oregon.

Similar stories huh?


linda said...

Holy cow! that barn looks familiar.
I was raised in Coos Bay, lived in Charleytown for a long time, so i am very familiar with the memory has taken a vacation and not come back yet, though i am sure i've seen that barn.
Beautiful photo.

artistamyjo said...

What a beautiful old barn and great memories,thanks for sharing.
Hugs, Amy

Paxie said...

Love the way the road leads up to the barn. Wonderful shot and such lovely memories :)

Judi said...

Hi Patti
*hugs*...and THAT is why you love barns. What a memorable childhood with the memories of living with your aunt and the ways of the farm. *s*. I'm sorry you lost your daddy at such an early age for you both.