Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Duey Barn

The Duey gambrel style barn is located at the far end of Sitkum Lane, east of Myrtle Point. It was built as a dairy by Ivan and Daisy Laird in the 1930's. It is now owned by Don and Paula Duey who raise beef cattle and store hay in the barn.


slommler said...

Oh so beautiful! I love old barns!

artistamyjo said...

What a grand old Barn. I imagine it has many stories to tell.
Hugs, Amy

ArtSnark said...

gorgeous! Looks ready-made for a lovely traditional pastel or other piece

Mya said...

Maybe an old barn represents an earlier time, a time when everyone understood the importance of good land and a productrve yield, in someways, not so much an easier time, but perhaps a calmer one. It makes me wonder if there is something within our spirit that connects with scenes such as this.

Irene Weldon said...

The Duey Barn is where I spent hours playing, reading or hiding in the hayloft. Also fed the cows for Ivan & Daisy when they had to travel. Many happy memories living in the old post office.