Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The world has lost another icon

I just learned the death of one of my favorite actresses. Elizabeth was so beautiful and so talented and had a heart as big as Texas. I will always be a fan.
Rest in Peace Elizabeth

Silver screen legend Elizabeth Taylor Died early Wednesday morning at the age of 79.

During her life, she starred in nearly 60 movies and was widely considered one of the world's most beautiful women.

Taylor infamously suffered from a number of illnesses and injuries, including a bout with tuberculosis, a
benign brain tumor, skin cancer, a repeatedly broken back, hip replacements, pneumonia and finally, congestive heart failure.

Now, we don't know everything about Taylor's medical history, so it's hard to assess whether or not her her lifestyle contributed to her medical problems later in life. There are many people who develop congestive heart failure as they age.

The world will miss you Ms Taylor.


BECKY said...

I loved Elizabeth, too. I'm so glad we'll never really be without her because of all her movies. It's so hard to believe she was only 79! It seemed like she was around for so many years, she should've been about 90 or 100!

Penny said...

Yes today is a sad day indeed. A wonderful lady.

Kitty from Perles and Life said...

Thank you for doing a tribute to her...she had a talent, a beauty, and a fascination that we were all enthralled with. She stood for causes before they were popular and people probably did not like that but she knew what was right deep down inside. I think her one true love was Richard Burton and wished she had always been with him.

slommler said...

Yes she will be missed for sure! She was amazingly talented. Just watched Cat on a hot tin roof!!! She was wonderful!!

artistamyjo said...

She will be missed. Back in my teen years she was a favorite in those movie mags I read.
Hugs, Amy

Simply Debbie said...

I loved her since National Velvet and LASSIE. Beautiful tribute. I am doing a scrapbook on you know where there are anymore pictures of her...I love the one of her in the yellow dress with the oscar.
Have A Sugar Sweet Day
Simply Debbie

Bevie said...

Patti I so loved watching Elizabeth Taylor perform she was without a doubt a beauty and a great actress. She will be missed by so many of us...(((hugs)))