Friday, March 25, 2011


I felt steam punky today so created this and plan to put it on my next bunch of tins.
I think I will call it the Steam Punk Tree, what do you think?


sjmcdowell said...

I think your "SteamPunk Tree" is very imaginative. I really like it!!

I have been working on a SteamPunk ATC for the past couple of days.
It is my first Steampunk creation.
I found someone on etsy who sold some Steampunk ephemera. Ii was out of my comfort zone to make this (but) I found it to be so much fun!! I love the victorian feel of it and the whimsy!

I hope you will make more of these I would love to see what you create next!

Hugs and Smiles,


Mollye said...

OMG...........I remember the very first digital collage you did and uh pinch me, slap me, cause this cannot be done by the same pchikki.......whoa have you ever come a long way. Fabulous! Hugs, Mollye

artistamyjo said...

Very creative and beautiful.
lov this one.
Hugs, Amy

Penny said...

Very nice job Patti - she is beautiful.


Bevie said...

Gee Patti this is've come a long way babe!!! I miss you dear..promise to visit more that I'm feeling better (((hugs)))

Mya said...

Interesting...this steam punk has a softness in it, maybe due to the way you layed it out. It has a fluid motion to it. Very soft - lovely.
Thank you for the barn pictures. I have always found the architecture of barns interesting.
An old dream of mine from early childhood was to convert a barn into my home.

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Your creations are fabulous...I can't wait to show them to my daughters and have them see them too! Awesome. I am a fellow Oregonian living in the Portland area! I just love your work!

I am having a sweet little giveaway if you have a chance to pop on by!

Plush Possum Studio said...