Thursday, March 17, 2011

Jazz Festival

Well the Jazz Festival went well. I only sold a few tins but I met alot of people and got some cards passed out and had a good time sitting with my friend Brenda.

She took these photos of some of the bands playing at the festival of which her husband is a sax player and a darn good one at that. The photo is small so click on it to have a better view.
You can see our set up and a close up of my tins and her jewelry.

This is one of my tins. Louis Armstrong.

The inside of the Louis Armstrong tin.

The Andrew Sisters.
This is the inside.

All the tins I made that did not sell are now in my Etsy Shop. To view them just click on my shop's icon on the right of my page.

We had a bad storm just as the festival was over. We had gale force winds and hard rain.
We came home to no power. Thousands of people were without power in our area. We had no power for 12 hours. Hard to cook with no power so I got my flame less candles, my bees wax candle and my hurricane lamp out and we had a candle light dinner of sandwiches and chips . Without power we had no water since we have a natural spring it runs on a pump. Our pellet stove operates on power so we had no heat. So we went to bed early and the power came on around 3AM the next morning.

All in all it was a good day.


artistamyjo said...

Sounds like fun,the festival and the candle light dinner.
Love the tins too.
Hugs, Amy

slommler said...

Well sounds like a successful day for sure!! Love your tins!! Sorry you didn't sell more though!!
Glad your power is back on...I would have missed my puter!! Ha!

shared exchange hosting said...

The festival sounds to be fun!!

Kitty from Perles and Life said...

I love those tins! I knew the Andrew Sisters right away....I love 40's it from my Dad I guess.

Your candlelight dinner made those sandwiches special, I bet!!!