Saturday, February 12, 2011

Darkness All Around Us

A young women prays that her Son will stay off drugs after many years of being addicted and repeated jail sentences. He is weak and falls victim again to drugs and another sentence. After three failed marriages she finds true love and then a massive heart attack takes that chance for happiness a week before they are to marry.

An 11 year old boy has a heavy heart after his Mom and Dad get a divorce. Mom is working at nights and Dad is a truck driver so the boy is left alone. He shoots himself and is not found until the next morning. 11 years old? Why was this child left alone in the first place?

A women is diagnosed with breast cancer. She can receive treatment and live 2 years or refuse treatment and live 2 months. Her life has been cut short no matter which decision she makes.

A single Mother is struggling with depression after she loses her Mother to cancer, her husband to another women and her Father to wicked step Mother who he has let come between he and his daughters all within a year. Today she finds out she has a kidney stone and has to work through the pain because she cannot afford to be off work.

There is darkness all around us . Satan is at work and we need to pray.


Paxie said...

A truer post I haven't read lately. Why can more not see it?
I have been an will continue...

Salzanos said...

The pic says it all! Darkness surrounds humanity, but the only light and only Hope is God. Jesus is the way, the life. We are not promised a easy path, but we are promised that IF we believe, trust and surrender to Him, He shall always be with us. I do not know how people get along without God in their lives. I pray for all these situations, according to His Awesome Love.

Dan.Eliot said...

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Vickie said...

Sometimes the sadness in this world is overwhelming.

Debbie said...

So true, we need to pray...continually.