Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Here she is. My first Great Granddaughter Ava June. It is hard to believe that I am a great grandmother but it sure feels good. She is healthy, happy and oh so loved.

I promise as soon as I get a photo of her without the pacifier, I will share it with all of you.
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Sew Loquacious Angela said...

Congratulations, Patti! She's gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

You are NOT a G-Grandmother!!! :)
How lovely is this little dear and how thrilled you must be! Your family is fun the holidays must be.
Yes, a photo without the pacifier would be good! She looks so serene!
Glad I caught this before leaving. Congrats!


Mya said...

Nice Christmas present.
Happy thoughts and wishes for the entire family of this little jewel.

Junibears said...

Oh dear Patti, what a sweet little love she is! An extra Christmas present indeed.
Love to you and yours.
Hugs Junexx

slommler said...

Congratulations!! She is beautiful! Oh what a blessing she is!
Merry Christmas and hugs

Paxie Panicker said...

She is beautiful Patti! Congratulations again, although you sure don't look old enough!! ♥♥♥

DeeDee said...

Wonderful litte package....hehehe! Merry Christmas Patti

Maria@BubblegumandDuctTape said...

she's so precious, congratulations. You look too young to be a great grandmother, lucky you.