Wednesday, December 29, 2010


For the past two years I have been on the Isagenix diet and I have to say it is the best diet for me ever.
I start my day with a yummy chocolate Isagenix shake blended with a banana and ice, my liquid vitamins and a glass of water.

Oh and numerous pills...I hate taking pills . I can't swallow them without a water bottle. I think it is a mental block every since my neck surgery when I had lots of trouble swallowing. They consist of glucosamine for my joints, fish oil for my heart, aleve for my arthritis, yes I have arthritis in my wrists and hands, a baby aspirin for my heart and my cholesterol medication to keep plaque from building in my arteries, Isagenix fat burner and instaflush...guess what that does?

I have lost 40 lbs and most of it came off in the first 8 months. I am on a plateau and have been for over a year with only 5 more lbs to lose but I am maintaining. Now if I could just get my rear to walk on the Tread Climber I spent mucho money on I would probably lose that and more. I need some one to push me over to it and then turn it on...ha ha.
How many of you work out or walk at least three times a week?

Well we got a little sun break today after three days and nights of steady rain it is is hailing (did I spell that correctly?) right now and 42 degrees. More rain expected tonight. Our Coquille River has a flood warning for tonight. Our neighbors down by the slue literally have a lake in their field. Our spring that runs down from our higher property is rushing with water. You can hear it like a river flowing. Please, oh please let there be sunshine in CA next week when I get there.

Our pellet stove is burning and hubby is napping with our 120 lb dogs at his feet.

Large Lima Beans and the remainder of a spiral ham from Christmas dinner including the bone

I have lima beans and ham in the slow cooker for dinner. 6 hours on high. Added a little pepper and corn starch to thicken it.Pretty easy meal right?
We are warm and cozy unlike the poor people in NY and NJ. They are buried in snow!

Tomorrow is our regular Etsy Team coffee meeting but instead of coffee downtown the girls are coming to my house for Chili and Cornbread. Should be fun.

Have you seen this before? Yep, it's a shake weight. I am sure you have seen them on TV. I have been using it for 2 weeks now to try to get my flabby arms back in shape. 6 minutes a day. I am gonna need it after all the calories in the lima bean and ham soup! That and a walk or two on my Tread Climber.


Paxie Panicker said...

This post was about exactly what I'm thinking today. I could use the Instaflush and I haven't heard of the Isagenix. Will have to google.

I was going to Curves faithfully 3 times a week until the holidays. Going to start back Monday. I do think I lost more when I walked on that dusty treadmill >>>over there!!

I sending you a push towards yours, now push me!! When you do, send me some of those beans :)

Well, on second thought..maybe not LOL

Lori Saul said...

What a lovely new banner Patti and I really enjoyed your post. It is funny how at the New Year we all long for better health, a 'starting over' and attention to how we live, eat and think. The hard part is keeping it up- but it sounds like you have! May your New Year be filled with happiness and creativity too!