Monday, November 1, 2010


Remember my son that has the flesh eating disease in his leg? Well it has rared it's ugly head again this year. Seems like every year at this time it flares up. I am worried sick about him this time. It is worse than when it first started over 10 years ago. Swollen and the red mark has traveled to his waist line.

The sad thing is that he lost his job 4 months ago and was out of work for two months. He just got a job 3 weeks ago and now he can't work because of his leg. Being so new on his job his insurance has not kicked in yet so he is without that and his IV's are $1000.00 per bag. That is not counting his hospital stay. You see when this monster flares up he has to be on IV's constantly for at least a week sometimes more. This in the past it was done at home by an in home nurse but because he has no insurance he has to have it done at the hospital so he will be admitted probably tomorrow for the IV treatment.

He left to work with his new job for three days from Anaheim to Oakland on Wednesday and his leg was just starting to bother him so as usual he started his antibiotic which usually stops it from getting really bad. Not this time. By Thursday evening he was in the ER hundreds of miles from home. He spent from Thursday until Sunday in the ER having IV's administered. They finally let him come home Sunday afternoon.

He is depressed and worried. Can't say I blame him, so am I and the rest of the people that love him.
I am asking for your prayers please. It is no better this evening. Tomorrow he will see the doctor again and probably be admitted for treatment.

I wonder what the American Indian would have done to cure this disease? They probably had a better remedy than some of these doctors today.

I am praying for a blessing this first day of November. To take the infection away from my Son's leg and heal him soon both spiritually and physically.

Thank You All


slommler said...

Oh I will pray for healing for him Patti! How dreadful! I will also pray this is wiped from his system.
Hugging you

slommler said...

OOps!! I forgot to thank you for featuring me!! You are too much girl!!

Lori Garbarino said...

Always Praying

JANN said...

Oh Patti,
I'm so sorry to read all this about your son. Glad to pray for him and will start immediately doing so.
My husband lost his job this past April and still no job. Sure glad God hears our prayers.
May HE comfort you during this scary ordeal. Sending LOVE to you.

mya said...

Will keep your son and you in my prayers. May the antibiotics work this time, and may he soon return to work. May he find some solace in this trying time.

Debbie said...

Oh Patti, I had no idea sweetie. Of course I will keep him in my prayers. I can only imagine your worry about him ((hugs)). Please keep us posted, okay? Love you.