Sunday, November 21, 2010


Okay I have narrowed it down to 10 choices. I had planned to just choose 5 but this is hard.
I had over 30 suggestions and they are ALL good. I still need your help.
Please help me by voting for one of these 10. Leave a comment on which one you are voting on and why you voted for it.

Unique Tins

PK Tin Designs
(the pk are my initials)

Altergather Tinfabulous


Tin City

Tin Box Studio

Tin Box Alley

Altered State of Tin

The Altered Tin Box

Tin Box Magic

I will post my final decision the day after Thanksgiving.
Thanks to everyone who is helping me with this.


Salzanos said...

DEF. "Altered State of TIN"!!! What a perfect name. The name says to me, 'unique, quality,altered art, made of metal, artistic collage mind, and it is something I would click on if it was a list of names in a link!

Junibears said...

I like Tin Box Alley Patti but in the end it's your personal choice. They're all good names. Hugs xx

slommler said...

The Altered Tin Box is my vote!!
Straight to the point!

DeeDee said...

I like Tin City.....I havn't been here in a few daya nd girl uyou have been so your works I ned to try steam punks........

happy holiday my freind.

LuLu said...


I like:
1) Tin City and
2) Altered Tin Box (without the article 'THE')

But whatever name you choose will be just as awesome as your art work. I love those tins - and your digital collages are breathtaking!