Friday, April 16, 2010

Personalized Digital Collage

This is a personalized digital collage I made for my friend Brenda. She gave me some photos of her family to use in my collages so I though it would be nice to put them together just for her. The photos are of her parents, her Grandmother, Grandfather and Aunt and her with her cousin. She loved it and ask if she could give it to her Mother for Mother's Day. I am honored.


Diva Kreszl said...

this is so lovely, you do beautiful work!

Salzanos said...

Hey your photo came out perfect of it! Thank you, my "treasured" friend!! I love your new look here too.!

slommler said...

Oh I love it!!! It is beautiful and a perfect gift!! Well done sweetie!

Susan Hodgson said...

Great collage and what a nice thing to create for your friend, it's a wonderful feeling when someone loves the things you create. :)

Will be such a unique mothers day gift.


Anonymous said...

Love this! It looks so well done. I bet she's thrilled with it.

Lydia said...

This is just beautiful, Patti! Put these in your shop. Just terrific!!!

xo Lydia