Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Kathleen passed away this morning at 7:30AM. I know that she is with the Lord now and not suffering any longer and I will see her again in the kingdom of heaven but I will sure miss her until then. She was loved by so many. She died alone with no family or friends at her side only because the privacy act prevented the medical professionals from telling us of her condition or even what surgery she had or what caused her death.

I called the ICU this morning and ask if she was still in "serious condition" since they ARE allowed to give out that information and they told me she passed away.

Her closest friend is out of town right now and I am sure she is just heartbroken. I tried to call her but we had a horrible connection. I could tell that she was crying so I am sure that someone contacted her and I feel that she may have been listed as Kathleen's family.

Thank you for all of your prayers.



Beth Niquette said...

You and your friend's family are in my prayers. Even if it is expected, death is never anything but unexpected and devastating.

I am glad to hear your sweet friend is with Jesus. It sounds as though she left a great hole in her world.

God bless you with His comfort, dear One.

QueenBe said...

I am terribly sorry..... losing a friend, how sad. Even sadder is the fact that she was alone. But I am sure she knew she was loved.

Diva Kreszl said...

I am so sorry for your loss, I shall be sending prayers and well wishes for all who knew Katherine.

slommler said...

I am so sorry for your loss. Know she didn't die alone. She was with the Lord all the time. Never alone! Hugging you

Ani said...

I'm so sorry for your loss! As you say, you'll see her again someday, but in the meantime, it's so Very difficult to live without her, miss her, and wait for that new day.

My mother-in-law was alone when she died, too, which always has hurt. Until now. Reading your post, I suddenly realized she wasn't alone at all--her Lord was there, and all her loved ones who'd gone on before her.

Kathleen, too. As alone as she must have appeared, I hope it's comforting to trust that she wasn't.

Christina said...

Kathleen is my sister's good friend and she decorated my entire wedding reception as a favor to her 17 years ago. That's the type of person she was; always thinking and helping others. She made us a "special" candle to light on our anniversary every year and truly changed what would have been an ugly old reception hall into something beautiful and memorable. My sister told me that she still would ask about us, all of these years later. She was truly a lovely, caring woman and will leave a huge void for many. It is such a sad time and yet happy to know she won't be in pain anymore. My sympathy to all of her friends; who are in pain now, missing her. I'm so sorry. God Rest Her Soul.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to about your friend Patty. It's very hard losing people. She is with the Lord now and will never be alone. I'm sure the love of family and friends sustained her and she knew she was loved. My prayers for comfort are with you and her family.

Mica said...

how sad... I am so sorry to hear... so sad she had no one with her.....take care Mama ... may the good Lord keep her in His loving arms.... so sad!!! Mica


you have my deepest condolences on the passing of your dear friend , Kathleen. I'm so saddened by all this grief and losing her.
Cherished memories and the power of GOD will get you through this. How wonderful your deep spiritual faith is.
Jann hugsssssssss to you and many of them..........

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry Patti!
I feel your pain, loss and deep agony and knowing she died alone seems horrifing.. but I know God.
I think Jesus. Came. To. Her.
What more would she need?
Yes, she was your friend.. I have seen her in your photos online.
I am sending you arms wide open.. hugging you.. xo.. Darlene