Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Shirley Temple...I used to love to watch her sing and dance! She had the cutest little voice!

What a change a year can make! Shirley Temple goes from "toddler" clothes in the 1940 publicity shot at left to the cleanly tailored, young lady look of 1941.

Vive' la Difference! I love the crispness of this outfit and just wish we had a full-length view to see what the skirt is like.

Fifteen-year-old Shirley Temple sits on the diving board behind her home in 1943. Her cute playdress features a white collar and a slightly flared skirt, and note her "grown-up" shoes. (Image courtesy of Rita Dubas and 20th Century-Fox.)


slommler said...

Oh how I loved Shirley Temple! I have watched all of her movies...several times!! Hehehehehhe! And they always brought a tear to my eye. Love these photos of her. TFS!!

Her Art Nest said...

I used to watch her movies too. "Heidi" was one of my favorites! I remember that magical snow globe of her Grandpa's chalet. He seemed so mean when I saw the film as a kid, but really he was a kind man. Those were the days of great stories! Thanks for stirring up special memories. Hugs, Nan


She was a sweet girl, I loved watching her in movies too. What was up with her marrying so young ?? Maybe she wanted to rebel after all her sticky-sweet young childhood ???
She still was a beauty even as she aged.

so enjoyed viewing all your terrific Valentine art work you left over in the Friends blog. THANK YOU FOR LEAVING IT .I so look forward to viewing more posts from you, my special friend.
Have another great week...

Diva Kreszl said...

funny you should post this, I recently shared some childhood momentos I had of Shirley Temple...I so loved watching her movies as a kid!

Poetic Artist said...

I do love Shirley Temple..I love to watch her movies..She always makes me smile.

Judi said...

Hi there
I used to love well I still do love to watch Shirley Temple movies...she was always such a sweety pie.
Thank you for sharing her pretty pics..
have a lovely day
and keep an eye out for your mail...:o)

Lydia said...

Did you ever see Dora's Dunkin' Donuts? Very funny little movie w/her. What a classic.