Thursday, February 19, 2009


Well is piece done in Photoshop using two different settings. On this piece I used layers, brushes and the text and filter tools. This program is so much fun and I am having such a good time learning. My frustration over the past year is finally over. The possibilities are endless!!


Bev said...

Patti this is beautiful...are you gonna trade her??? Yep, I want her..heheheeh!!!
Hope this finds you well, and full of great work today!!! Bevie

Linsart said...

I love this! So beautiful, Patti~
Seems that this will work great !
How exciting to learn a new technique and apply it. Great job!

Jann said...

So pretty! You're doing a great job--I am hoping to play with my Photoshop soon--our guests are gone, but I'm doing a lot of Grandma child care this week--so fun, but doesn't give me much time for art--hopefully next week! Hugs, Jann

Lydia said...

That's so great that you're doing such exciting and beautiful art in Photoshop. I want to learn more. I've done a bit, but then forget if I haven't done in a while. Ah, well:)

Got some photo books to read up on what I want in a camera:),Lydia

whymsicalmusings said...

Patti you are doing an amzaing job! Just beautiful! I can't wait to see your endless posibilities.

Anonymous said...

oooooouuu Patti.. Go Girl!
You did a wonderful job*.. and I imagine once you find all the possibilities of this program,
you have brain storms galore!
This is beautiful.. Can I have it? lol..!
you are soooooo creative, Enjoy your program..
Cant wait to see more.. !
Darlene Pringle

Salzanos said...

Patti! Each on gets better and better! Love the swirls of design. wow!

Lori Garbarino said...

Great Work! Was this what you were creating while we were on the phone??? Lovely Just Lovely! I can't believe how long you have come, You are my inspiration!!!

Love you,

Your daughter, Lori

kimberly said...

beautiful, patti!! i always hear how fun photoshop is....would love to play with it too!


YES I agree with the others, this is stunning art work. I soooooo admire you, you went in and worked hard to learn this process. YOUR talent is amazing, the possiblities are endless - I can't wait to see what you create next as you learn more.
Thank you Patti for always checking out my blogs and your caring comments. YOUR friendship is such a blessing and I thank God daily for my wonderful friends,
have a great week.

Mica said...

I love the one on the top so glad you have had the help of so many including your brilliant granboy Vince.... hee hee. Way to go, can't wait to see more works !! Love, Mica