Thursday, December 18, 2008


I have been working on a new idea. I am trying to put a signature on the type of work I do so I have decided to just do Victorian and Vintage Image Collage Art . I think that offering the original collage, the collage print, note cards with an ACEO of the same may just tell people that Treasure Barn does Victorain & Vintage Collage Art.

I have cleaned up my Etsy Shop and removed my clay art and added a couple of new Victorian & Vintage Items. You can check out my new look at and let me know what you think.

Here is my latest creation.The Original Collage "Bride"

a Set of 4 Note cards made from the collage. All tied up with antique lace.

The entire set includes the Original Collage, a set of 4 note cards and an ACEO. These items will be listed in my Etsy Shop .

I am hoping that this will be a more professional looking way to sell. I am also going to take a class in how to display my work for a photo.

I have also made another Comfort Doll.

I also have been asked to take over the "Calling All ATC Swapers" network on ZNE so I plan to be making alot of ATC's to swap with the participants .


Bevie said...

Hi Patti, I love your new comfort doll...I think your idea about keeping your shop filled with all victorian thing may just be the perfect way to show other's what you shop is truly about!!! I love it...I want one of everything.heheheh! Hugs

Anonymous said...

Very nice! I think you're on the right track. I love the note cards and the original.