Wednesday, November 12, 2008


As you all must know, I am a member of a network called ZNE. This morning I received this message from another member. I wanted to share with all of you so that you may post this on your blogs in hopes it will help fine Alisha. Please Pray for her safe return.

Thank you so much.

Every so often I see on the news a missing mother,daughter. It always seems so far away,yet I feel the anguish.
I can't imagine it happening to me or someone close.
Well, it has happened.
My step-niece, Alisha Sidie,27 has gone missing.
She left her home on foot last Friday night after an argument with her husband
and has vanished. We have been searching the area now since Sunday and no leads.
Alisha is the mother of 2 yr. old twin boys,who really miss and need their mother.
She would never leave those boys.
She was very close to her family and friends and would call someone if she could.
She did make one cell call to a friend minutes after she left.
She left a message saying she needed help.
We will continue to search until we find her.
Her family is in total despair. The night she left it was cold and rainy-sleet
and she wasn't wearing a coat. Time is of the essence.
Please offer a prayer to bring her home.
We need all the help we can get!
Thank you for listening. I just needed to get this out.

Alisha lives in Hatfield, Wisconsin.
About 10 minute drive from Black River Falls.(Hour from eau Claire/LaCrosse.
Hatfield is a summer tourist area and is in the midst of county and state forest.
Jackson County is a large wooded county with areas of deep forest and swampy areas.
Makes the search very difficult. The weather has been poor, rain,sleet ,and fog this
afternoon. My husband and I went out on our own a while ago and searched the river bottoms.
He hunts this area and knows it very well.
Alisha's mother,Sue is doing her best but she has started to give up on finding her alive.


Annette said...

I am so deeply sorry, and I will pray for her,and her family and you, I will put her on my personal prayer list....This gave me chills when I read it, if I was there I'd be on the search team looking for this lovely lady. please tell her Mom NOT to give up, it might her mother's faith that can bring her home, or her children's prayers and faith that will bring her back..Please keep us posted, I cant imagine the pain all of you are feeling, but I can imagine God bringing her home safely.
my prayers are with all of you!
hug,hug, smooch, smooch

Just Joni said...

Oh I do hope they find her soon...I cannot imagine going through something like this...I will definitely lift her up in prayer. Keep us posted.

hugs to you sweet friend ~

Nonnie said...

praying, patti....
and hoping.