Thursday, September 25, 2008


Well first of all one Monday we went to Portland for my husbands pre-op visit.

This was taken from the 11th floor of the teaching hospital in Portland. View of the city in the distance.

We spent Monday night with our friends in Yamhill, OR. This is Michael and Kathy our best friends.
We then returned Tuesday afternoon to our place in Coos Bay to pack for our trip to CA.

We left early on Wednesday morning. I saw lots and lots of barns along the way .

Guess where we had lunch once we arrived in CA? Yep, Applebees for our favorite cabbage patch pizza (it is ok on the diet).
This was our waitress Heather at Mimi's Cafe. I just had to take her picture since she looks so much like my granddaughter Abriana. Well...what do you think?

I forgot all about traffic jams! Look at the other side of the freeway. It was backed up for at least 2 miles!

These 2 pretty girls are Alan's granddaughters Alex and Riley.

This is our daughter in law Teri and her daughter Riley.

This is Alan's daughter Kathy with our granddaughter Alex.

This is Alan and his son Danny. Do they look alike or what?

This is Kathy's son, our grandson Chase....he loves milk and could not, would not turn around so I could take a picture of him!

This is my son D'Angleo and my our grandson Donovan

Donovan was cold so he found warmth under his grama's wing (and the table cloth).

The reunion was held at the Ports of Call in San Pedro, CA

This was the directory sign. San Pedro High School 50th Reunion - Class of 1958

This is Judy....Alan had a crush on her all through high school. She was the hostess and a very neat lady. Alan's comment when we left was boy does Judy need a face lift! I politely told him it had been 50 years since he saw her. She graciously had us sit at her table and then she got up and sang three songs making my husband promise that he would dance with his wife....he did. It was fun to see him loosen up a bit.

Here he is at the table with a few of his classmates. Two classmate are living in ...of all places....Oregon. They both promised to come out to Coos Bay and go fishing with Alan.

Those that didn't have dance partners danced in the line dance. What fun!!

My son D'Angelo and me.

My kids, D'Angelo, and his wife Lori of Our of your mouth your heart speaks, Mica of Garboodles Dolls and my son Tony the upcoming pastor!

D'Angelo, Me, my grandson Vinnie and his Father, my son Tony

Our dinner with friends at Anchos in Riverside was wonderful too and so good to see all of them.

Molly and me

Molly and her husband Fred

Me with Rosee and Cindy, my interior designer buddies

Cuca and Kevin

This little lady is our waitress and has been for at least 10 years. She is such an ambitious little thing. Her name is Nancy and we were so glad to see her. She not only works as a waitress but she is a mommy of three and she is pursuing a career as an ultrasound technician. I wish her all good things. She was so excited that we were coming that she told her fellow workers and her boss and they all looked at her like ...uh, ok Nancy. There were 12 of us and we did have a good time. Nancy even had a birthday surprise for Alan and they came over to the table and sang happy birthday.

I just had to get a picture with Nancy.

My kids waving good bye. It is so good to know since Tony is going to the Seminary College in Escondido full time that they are together again and can enjoy each other. It has been much too long. Their older brother David can visit from Vegas now too since it is only 3 1/2 hours from them.

Mt Shasta on our way home. I have never seen this mountain without snow....some would say it is "global warming" ..... No comment.

We had a good time and are now getting ready for Alan's surgery in Portland Oct 6th.


Anonymous said...

The pics are great! It sounds like you had a nice time and I'm very happy for the two of you. It's nice to have families coming together! Thanks for stopping by.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, looks like you had a wonderful time! Loved all the photos.

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

It was nice that your husband said that. He sounds like John in many ways.
He would have said something like that. LoL
I really loved all of your pictures Patti. I hope your husbands surgery goes well.
I have thought about you a lot.
xoxo Nita

Jeannene said...

Hi Patti,

Welcome Home....glad you had such a wonderful time. By the looks of all your pictures there is no doubt you enjoyed yourselves tremendously!! "Back to the Grind..uh?" I send my thoughts and prayers for your husbands surgery and your treatment on your left wrist today.

Much love,

Nonnie said...

looks like you had a very fun and heart warming trip! welcome home and hoping all goes well with your husband's surgery! will be checking in!

Just Joni said...

Patti, you have a beautiful family and I know it was fun for you to be together. Looks like you had an enjoyable trip...and yes that waitress does look like your granddaughter Abriana! Keep us posted on your husband's surgery...will keep him in prayer ~

hugs to you dear friend ~