Friday, August 8, 2008


I have been having so much fun using this new technique for mixed media collages.
I made three just today. I am trying to get ready for the Black Berry Festival in 10 days.
I have made sets of note cards and also working on a new look for a clay butterfly.

Swing Time

Ms Kitty

In The Country

I have also found a program that puts a watermark on my collages . You know....just in case someone wants to take my collages and copy them for their own personal use after I become famous! It's a Copyright thing.

I am having too much fun!


Nonnie said...

i love them all, patti....and thank you so much for the WAS helpful and hopefully i will really try this sometime! sorry i didn't thank you before now!

and the copyright is a great idea!

Linsart said...

Hey Patti, Love these new collages! Nice job. Have fun at the Blackberry Festival, I know you will do well!

Jeannene said...

These are just absolutely gorgeous Patti!! You are so wonderful at this, and you really know how to spice it up. These are just so lovely to look at, I love them all. I am sure they will go fast too!!

Have a wonderful weekend;-))

Vickie said...

These are just fabulous. I hope you'll let us in on this new technique! I love the colors and the softness especially the one with whites and what looks like a smokey blue.

Mica said...

hey Mama you have the knack.. so proud of you. I can't wait to see you Friday !!! Love ya, Mica

Bre said...

Wow - beautiful blog and collages- very inspirational. I also loved the story about Freedom.
I'm brand new to blogging and have just started one myself. Being an artist too, I was trying to figure out how to put a mark on my paintings before posting them, so they too wouldn't be borrowed. I was thrilled when your post said there was a program for it. I thought it was something I had to do digitally. I would be forever grateful if you could tell me where to buy that program or at least lead me in the right direction.
Greatly appreciated and God bless,
Brenda -

Bre said...

Thank you too for the kind comments Patti - it was fun to read - You were the first official person to read my blog ! I hadn't really put it out there yet cause I'm kind of experimenting still - can't quite figure out how to make the pictures work - as you can tell by today's post LOL.I'll try and fix it later when I get a chance. But I can imagine how addictive it is and easy to stay up to 2 in the morning. I know once school starts I'll have to slow down though.
A BIG thank you for the link to the program for the watermark - I am truly grateful cause I was nervous about putting my work in the computer without some sort of mark to prevent from someone stealing it. I'll try and get my work up shortly. I'm trying to add a flicker badge right now but it's not working. Anyway - great meeting you and looking forward to being totally inspired by your blog !

焉得谖草 said...

Patti, the three collages are beautiful! Soooo elegant! I love them.
It's nice to wander into your art collection!