Sunday, July 13, 2008


This is my newest collage "Retirement".
After a life time of work retirement can make you feel a free as a butterfly !

8 x 10 on chipboard with Ephemera background acrylic paint and embellished a white butterfly and feather and a Face Cab created by Lin's Art and Clay

This is a closer look at the face cab. This was a different sort of collage for me but I enjoyed doing it.
It would look really good with just the right frame. It will be in my Etsy Shop later in next week.


Linsart said...

Hello Patti!
I love what you did with this face! Fantastic. The butterfly denotes freedom as well. Great job!
Art On !

Lydia said...

Great composition and colors ! Lydia

Jeannene said...

This is so lovely Patti!! You are so getting so incredible and this stuff. Really sad we don't live closer, you know I would be over!!

Hey, I had a surprise visit from Dee and the family, come see some pictures, (if you want)):-))

Love ya,

Nonnie said...

love this and the sentiment....!

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

Patti, this is so good. I love it that she is dancing..
Love Nita