Monday, June 30, 2008


My new friend Nancy over at More Than Enough has tagged me with the following mini-meme.

  • Where was I 10 years ago: In Corona, CA working as an Interior Designer.

  • Snack Food I like: Popcorn, Chocolate. Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chip Cookies.

  • If I were a billionaire I would: Buy homes for all of my children and grandchildren, donate to my favorite charity. There is a very old empty hospital here in Coos Bay and it just fascinates me. I would purchase that building and turn it into a health clinic and hire doctors and nurses that could care for the elderly and homeless and under privileged.

  • Places I have Lived: Idaho, Colorado, South Dakota,Nevada, California, Oregon

Now I’m tagging you:

Jeannene at Love Conqures All

Jennifer at Forever His


Jeannene said...

"OK my sweets, I did it, come read away!!"


Mam said...

Patti! I've just come from Cookie's and you won a prize. Congratulations. My grand daughter won one too!
Beautiful music!

Jann said...

Patti--this photo is just beautiful--where did you get it--did you take it? Guess what? I, too, have lived in Oregon, Idaho, Colorado, and California! Cheers, Jann