Friday, May 16, 2008


First of all I want to say that this week I made 9 ATC's for my blind trade with Michelle Reed Art For Hire. She is the lady in California that emailed me to do a blind ATC trade. I posted her 9 cards in a previous post.

It was fun and challenging since I only had 1 ATC made when I agreed to do this with her so here are my 9 ATC's and they will be off to her via United States Postal Service on Monday.

Circus Fun....Giddy Up


Can You Hear Me Now?



Push Me



Seattle Coffee

I also signed up of an anniversary giveaway. This was with Susan Cleveland of Black Berry Creek. She is celebrating her 500th post and I WON first place. The first place prize was 3 yards of toile fabric !

I am so excited, I can't wait to create something with this.

We have a big project going on here at Green Acres. We are in the process of putting on a bigger brand new TimberTech porch. It is almost complete. All we have to do is the ceiling.We also had our deck painted and it so pretty!

Here are some before and after pictures so far. Next we are putting in a paver sidewalk and new rain gutters. This place is getting a anniversary since we have been here in Green Acres 2 years ago April 28th.

Our Old Porch...notice the size is very small.

Demolition Starts

Tools are made out of wood to help lay the new TimberTech Boards

Getting set up for the work

Measuring and sawing and much saw dust. Yuk! This is my husband and Doug working together through the entire project.

Our contractor Douglas Conrad . After he removed all the old cement and railing, now he is ready to begin the new porch.

Doug's helper Josh....what a hunk huh?

The foundation is new cement under this new frame.
Notice the wet ground....yep, they worked in the rain for three days!

The first rail is in. Proud workers...Doug, Josh and Alan.

They also removed all the old cement of the old sidewalk.

Old sidewalk is gone. Ground is ready for the rock and sand to lay the new paver sidewalk.

We recycled the old sidewalk and used it to make a place to put the generator we are going to get .
Dirt will be here and maybe some bushes to cover the generator. Below this is a cliff that leads down to the creek on our property.

Our deck before the new paint.

Here is Douglas and Josh, his helper finishing the firs coat of new paint.

Our brand new porch completed and beautiful. Notice the size now! Wow, what a difference.

One of our dogs Petey is enjoying the new porch.

We Love it! Now the new pavers go in next week. I will post pictures of those then.

Oh by the way....remember the rain and the guys working in the rain? Well this project has taken 5 weeks. It was raining and cold when the project started. It rained so many days in a row that they could not work because of the wet ground. Yesterday and today when the job was complete it was 85 degrees which is very hot here in Oregon because of the humidity! We are all glad it is done. Now we can enjoy sitting out on our new porch and watching the dogs play in the meadow and just enjoy our beautiful scenery!


Debbie in NC said...

Wow Patti! What a wonderful improvement for your enjoying pleasure! Seems I stay jealous of friends with such gorgeous views :)
Great handy hubby you got there!

Of the ATC's the Can You Hear Me Now was my favorite, along with Knowledge :)

Great job...I just don't have this talent :( Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Love all the ATCs! They're all so different from each other! The view from the porch is gorgeous. Such nice decks, just think of how nice it'll be to have a BBQ or sit and have coffee!

Thanks for sharing the view,

Lori Garbarino said...

The Meadow! I am in Awe, Grandpa looks great!

I love each card! Mystery is my favorite!

I'm calling you right now!

Love you


Jeannene said...

I love everything I see Patti!! You are so blessed to have this beautiful deck now. I would sit on it everyday just for the view and enjoy the sun, (if it's out)

Your cards are so wonderful, you have been so busy!!


Linsart said...

Beautiful cards ! Awesome job on the deck boys!! Looks fantastic ! Enjoy many peaceful hours on it, Patti ! My dream is for us to have a lemonade on that deck together someday!
Thanks for sharing it..
Love and blessings,

cookie said...

What a fun post! I just read your recent post at Vicki's re ATC's. I'd love the info if you can share. It sounds interesting.
Sending good wishes your way.

The Sparrow's Heart said...

Patti, Love the new porch! I hope to have a wrap around built on my house someday.
I love your wish ATC.
xoxo Nita