Monday, April 14, 2008

AND THE WINNER IS................

Okay, first of all thanks to all of you for commenting on my first year anniversary of blogging.

It has been such a pleasure meeting you all and getting involved in the wonderful world of blogging. I am definitely looking forward to many more years of this.

Okay here we go....

I cut out each named entered

I mixed them up in a bowl

My husband drew the name

DRUM ROLL*****************************

AND THE WINNER IS......................

DEB IN NC with Gittin it outta my head !

Congratulations Debbie!

Now you have everything except glue to make a collage. I know you probably don't do collage but there is a first time for everything. Go For It!!

Please email me your address so that I can get your package mailed out to you.

Thanks again to everyone for participating.



3rdEyeMuse said...

Congrats to Debbie in NC! I bet she'll be thrilled when the parcel arrives. :)

Just Joni said...

Patti you're so cute with all your creativity...congrats to Debbie...that'll keep her busy when she's not mowing the lawn!

and to respond to your question...
of course I haven't received anything or you would have heard from me, but why would you be giving me a Pay-It-Forward gift?
I must be confused...oh well, it wouldn't be the first time!

Hope your day has been good to you!
...and let me know about those seeds...I have sooo many!

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Congratulations to the winner!! She is going to have so much fun with this!


Lori Garbarino said...

Yeah Debbie at NC Congratulations
!!Can't wait to see what you make


Debbie in NC said...

Oh gosh, I am so tickled! I haven't won anything in years! I have glue and I am anxiously anticipating this wonderful gift!

Thank you so much, Patti! This just made my day...and Lori I will take a pic and Joni...any excuse not to mow! LOL

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

I love Debbie! I am glad she won.
She is so sweet, kinda like you dear friend.
xoxo Nita <3

lindaharre said...

I just love the Imaginary Birthday you had for Mica!!! What a splendid idea:D Hope her day was filled with love and fun:D

The Barber Bunch said...

Congrats to Debbie!!

I wanted to win :)

zUzU said...

hooray for DEBBIE! =^..^=
. :: LuCkY::DuCkY:: YoU :: .

I missed this one, Patti! Next year I'm entering twice ::giggle::

xx love, zU