Saturday, July 7, 2007

Good Visit

My son Tony and his family visited us this past week.

We shopped at numerous antique shops and book stores.

We went to the Umpqua Lighthouse in Reedsport

My gorgeous granddaughter Bri on July 4th as we celebrated with dinner and watched the fireworks on Coos Bay

My handsome grandson Vinnie on the Bandon harbor

My wonderful son Tony and my amazing daughter-in-law Mica

We did collages and worked with clay.
Mica and had a good visit and Mica showed how she does her famous doll faces. We had numerous barbecue dinners such as hamburgers, hot dogs, ribs, steak and a sausage potato dish which Mica referred to as "interesting" We had pizza and of course we blogged. I enjoyed seeing my grandchildren and how smart they and talented they are. Very well mannered children. I hated to see them go but I sure did enjoy them while they were here. I really enjoyed the talks with my son. He is such a bright young man and of course I am so proud of him for what he has accomplished in his life and of the GREAT daddy he is.


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Nancy Maxwell James said...

such a beautiful family!